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Where can I celebrate my wedding day together?

Wedding day –

it is a happy day in the life of newlyweds. Each couple wants to celebrate it in a special bright and solemn way, and that this day is remembered for both newlyweds and guests – hold a wedding ceremony on the Greek island of Santorini. Those who have ever visited the island, the question: “Where to celebrate a delightful and unforgettable wedding day?”usually does not arise.

Santorini –

The island is very popular with newlyweds. People come here for vivid emotions and impressions, as well as for amazing landscapes for a wedding photo shoot. You can arrange a romantic ceremony for two, or a classic wedding for 10-15 guests, as well as hold a luxurious reception with a banquet and a large number of guests.

Where is the best place to celebrate your wedding anniversary abroad?

Organizing and designing a wedding abroad

The island of Santorini, or St. Irina’s Island, is called the jewel of Greece. This is the most romantic place where you can celebrate an unforgettable wedding or its anniversary. Cantopini is a cam octov with gingerbread, old cepkvushks and a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea, which opens from anywhere on the island. Colorful beaches, ancient churches, wonderful settlements and Kaldeepa Vulcana will leave no one indifferent.

What could be more beautiful than a romantic candlelight dinner against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset? Or a meeting of dawn, which overwhelms the hearts of people who love each other with incredible tenderness?

Features of the wedding ceremony
or wedding anniversary abroad

Any event on the island of Santorini can be organized in 3 options: budget, standard and premium. The cost will depend on the services that are included in the packages. The budget option includes basic services for the celebration (organization and ceremony, paperwork, site booking services, tickets, hotel rooms, romantic dinner or wedding dinner, background music, etc.

Wedding ceremony

The standard version of the wedding anniversary additionally includes the services of a make-up artist, hairdresser, photographer, videographer, preparation of a wedding cake. The premium package of services can be supplemented with voluminous compositions of flowers, photo shoot and video shooting, a yacht ride, a romantic dinner to live music or a luxurious reception for guests. All options for the wedding are indicative, selected individually and their cost depends on the services chosen by the newlyweds.

Deciding where to celebrate the most romantic and unforgettable wedding anniversary, be sure to come to Santorini, because the time spent here, will leave bright unforgettable impressions and give moments of real happiness.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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