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Wedding trip in Santorini: how to make your honeymoon special?

Wedding travel has become an integral continuation of the wedding, and one of the most popular locations for wedding tours – Santorini.

What is interesting about the Santorini tour?

The island of Santorini is like an extraordinary jewelry from an experienced master: high-quality, beautiful and unusual. Wedding tour to the island – not just a trip to the sea, but an opportunity to dive into the world of stunning landscape, history and architecture with your head.

A few curious facts about Santorini:

  1. Santorini is an archipelago of 5 islands: Tirasia, Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni, Aspronisi and Tyre – the largest of the islands, the second name of which is Santorini.
  2. The history of Santorini dates back 3500 years, the island keeps traces of ancient civilizations, excavations of which are still underway. Their death was provided by the volcano Santorin, and he also “preserved” their remains in a layer of volcanic ash, providing almost perfect preservation. What is most interesting: during the excavations archaeologists found not just a part of the culture of Minoan civilization, but the whole city of Akrotira. You can touch the ancient culture in the Acrotir Reserve or the Archaeological Museum of Tyra.
  3. The eruption also led to the division of a single island into an archipelago of 5 islands and the formation of a caldera – a volcanic basin with a steep rocky wall and a vast underwater part filled with beautiful azure waters of the Aegean Sea.

What makes the wedding type of tour to the Santorini archipelago unforgettable?

Landscape and unique Cycladic architecture

Incredible development of the island of Santorini with white surface walls and blue as the sky, roofs fascinate absolutely all the newlyweds who came to the island on a honeymoon.

And the mountainous terrain and sea panoramas only complement the experience. A separate attention is enjoyed by the cliff on the extreme northwestern point of the Greek island of Santorini – the city of Ia. All couples and newlyweds aspire there to meet the most picturesque sunset in the entire archipelago, when the sun paints the Aegean Sea in all shades of the red spectrum and gradually drowns in its abyss.

An unforgettable beach holiday in the resort of Santorini

Long coasts, fringed by rocks, rugged waves and wind, make a honeymoon or rest after a symbolic wedding ceremony fabulous and relaxed. Famous red beaches, black Beach Perissa with volcanic sand, golden sandy shore – you can collect the whole palette.

Greek cuisine

The fertile climate of Santorini helps the fruit to fully mature and fill with juice, so boldly try all the vegetable dishes: salads, sote, popular white eggplant on the grill – they are incredibly juicy and tasty. Do not forget about the gifts of the sea: mussels, shrimp, various types of fish, octopus and squid. National dishes, national dishes in modern “processing”, molecular cuisine and author’s creations of chefs. If you are planning a beautiful romantic dinner or a symbolic wedding, we are happy to help you find the right restaurant. In our collection got only the most delicious, beautiful and interesting options. And, of course, every couple of newlyweds gets a complement in the restaurant in the form of a wedding dessert.

Staying at the hotel

Wedding tour is an occasion to completely relax in the bosom of fertile Greek nature, and the hotels of Santorini are literally created for this. Here you can stay in the magnificent villas – Resort Hotels Andromeda Villas and Villa Irini, with luxurious bridal rooms and panoramic views of the island of Santorini. Or choose the gem of the village of Megalohorion – the fashionable Resort Hotel Santorini “Suites of the Gods”. Or maybe spa-hotel Rocabella in the resort village of Santorini – Imeregli?

All these and other beautiful hotels you will find in our collection, which includes the most cozy, pleasant and beautiful establishments of the resort hotel class of Santorini Island.

The healing hydrogen sulfide springs of Paleo Kameni Island

A small local SPA in the form of hydrogen sulfide springs – like a cherry on a sweet cake wedding tour. Bathing in springs can be combined with a walk on a yacht: when booking a yacht for a small romantic cruise, you get a ready-made itinerary with a visit to the springs, a tour of the Santorin volcano, as well as a delicious barbecue lunch.

How to combine a wedding tour with a beautiful ceremony, without long preparation and bureaucracy?

Julia Veselova
Julia Veselova

Идеальный вариант для такой свадьбы – выбор символического типа церемонии.

Красивая свадебная церемония, проводимая мэром города на одной из живописнейших свадебных площадок Санторини, прекрасные фотоснимки и воспоминания на всю жизнь!

Символическая церемония не требует специальной подготовки и подачи документов, но и не имеет юридической силы. Цена организации символической свадьбы на Санторини составляет – 980€.

Photo shoot on Santorini for newlyweds

Honeymoon in Santorini – an occasion to arrange a beautiful photo shoot in the format of a romantic walk or love-story. JuliaVeselova agency cooperates with the best photographers who will offer and agree with you in advance the plan of shooting: the rock church of Ayia Mina, red or black beaches, white houses of Naussa or sunsets in Yea? The photographer will take into account all your wishes and offer the most suitable places for the chosen time and season. Prepaid photographer services – 30, the remaining 70 payment takes place after the photo shoot, on the spot.

How to organize a beautiful wedding tour and take into account all the nuances?

Contact JuliaVeselova. JuliaVeselova will help you with your honeymoon, booking hotels or Resort Hotels in Greece, on Santorini. We will tell you how to find a suitable venue for a symbolic wedding and a restaurant for a romantic dinner. JuliaVeselova cooperates with the best florists, decorators, photographers and videographers of the island and will help organize a beautiful symbolic wedding and make the honeymoon on the magical archipelago of Santorini truly unforgettable.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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