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How is the Greek wedding?

Wedding for every person who marries is a turning point and a significant event in life, so there is a great desire to make this celebration memorable and magnificent. Santorini Island is the perfect place to host a wedding. And since the island is in Greece, we want to talk about a Greek wedding.

Greek wedding – history and modernity

Wedding in Greece - decoration

Immediate preparation for the wedding takes seven days and begins on Monday.

  • On this day, the groom sends the bride a gift, as a sign that his intentions have not changed.
  • On Tuesday, the young relax, dreaming of a wedding day.
  • On Wednesday, the bride’s dowry is being prepared and put on public display.
  • On Thursday, a bridal bed is laid in the groom’s house. This is done by relatives and bridesmaids, and the groom meticulously accepts their work. On this bed it was customary to put the child, so that the newlyweds quickly had an addition to the family.
  • On Friday, they bake a wedding loaf, trying as much as possible to sprinkle the bride with flour, so that the young family lived in affluence.
  • On Saturday, the young must wash in the bath to clean their bodies, souls and thoughts to enter a new family.

Sunday comes, and the bride and groom are preparing for the wedding. Until now, Greece does not like administrative registration, preferring to seal their union at the altar. This is preceded by the bride’s ransom, in which she strongly resists the meeting with the groom and the greater difficulties overcome the groom on the way to his narrowed, the stronger the family will be. When the trials are passed, the bride and groom go to the temple.

Wedding ceremony in Greece and wedding celebration

On Sunday, the newlyweds, accompanied by relatives and witnesses, go to the temple. The wedding ceremony is very beautiful and solemn, it takes place according to Orthodox custom. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds leave the church and guests are sure to sprinkle them with rice, so that the family lived in prosperity.

Wedding in Greece - decoration

Wedding feasts in Greece are fun and incendiary, with dancing, laughter and fun until the morning. Interesting first dance of the bride and groom, during which guests try to pin to their wedding outfits banknotes or even cash garlands, so that the family always had a wealth.

Many traditions have already been forgotten, as a dowry, which the Greek girl must do with her mother with her own hands and hang on clotheslines before the wedding, so that relatives and friends appreciate her housekeeping and economics. As well as the tradition when the groom must personally kill and fry the lamb for the wedding, but the constant remained the magnificent feast and unrestrained fun at each Greek wedding.

The wedding of the Greeks is one of the important and favorite holidays, so many couples remembering the wedding on Santorini, say that it was the most beautiful event in their lives. The unique atmosphere of true romance, happiness and love surrounds lovers immediately upon arrival on the island and does not leave until the end of the wedding journey. Our company organizes weddings in Santorini and we will be happy to organize this important and significant event in the best traditions of the Greek wedding.

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