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Свадьба на парусной или моторной яхте – красивое и оригинальное решение. Прохладное бескрайнее море окаймляет судно, свежий прохладный ветер развевает волосы невесты, а фоном выступает скалистый вулканический остров Санторини, белеющий стенами и синеющий скатами крыш.

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How to organize a beautiful wedding ceremony on a yacht?

Trust it to an experienced organizer.

JuliaVeselova has a fleet of yachts of various types and capacity, and collaborates with experienced photographers, videographers, stylists and florists that will make your wedding beautiful and memorable.

Wedding stages on Santorini: yacht ceremony
Ceremony on a yacht – a romantic and non-trivial option for offering a hand and heart, continuing an official or symbolic ceremony.

If the couple decided to continue the wedding ceremony on a yacht off the coast of Santorini Island, the lovers should decide with:

  1. Event format
    Planned a beautiful marriage proposal or a wedding party?
    The couple can get married in any church or church of The Island of Santorini (by appointment) or register a marriage on a picturesque wedding venue, and then go on a yacht after the ceremony to complete the holiday with a beautiful cruise.
    The offer of a hand and heart does not require additional formalities and allows the couple to immediately settle down on the ship and go on a small romantic voyage.
  2. Yacht type
    Do you prefer a sailing schooner or a modern motor boat? JuliaVeselova has yachts of different types, class and size. The sailboat is especially effective for photography and video shooting, and the modern yacht is faster and more maneuverable.
  3. Need for extra decor
    Floral arrangements, candles or masts entwined with live flowers – the need for additional decor should be discussed separately and determine the style of the necessary decor or floral arrangements. JuliaVeselova works with the best florists and decorators of Santorini.

How much does a yacht wedding cost, which is included in the price?

The cost of a wedding on a yacht – from 900 euros (depending on the type of ship)

The price of a wedding on a yacht includes:

  1. Transfer from hotel to yacht (and back). Representatives of the agency JuliaVeselova accompany the newlyweds and guests to the pier, from which the ship goes on a small holiday voyage.
    We want to warn in advance that the capacity of the yacht – up to 15 people. Therefore, this version of the holiday will be suitable when planning a wedding for two or a chamber wedding with a small number of guests. A large Greek wedding requires a roomy pad or restaurant.
  2. During the voyage, the couple and guests will have a festive Mediterranean dinner: different types of barbecue meat, grilled shrimp, salads with fresh seafood, and of course, Greek wine with appetizers and soft drinks.
  3. Cruise on a yacht lasting 5 hours. The route passes around the island and the surrounding islands, and also includes a tour to the Santorin volcano. During the cruise you will have the opportunity to swim in hot thermal springs, take healing mud baths and from the sea, as in the palm of your hand, to see the beautiful places of the island of Santorini.

The price is listed without the cost of the Moscow-Santorini-Moscow flight (or air travel from any other city). Thanks to this, you can make a contract with us, being anywhere in the world.

Choosing a wedding on a yacht and agency JuliaVeselova as a wedding organizer, you get a unique romantic holiday, filled with fresh sea wind and amazing atmosphere of a small sea trip in the most romantic wedding place on the island of Santorini.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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