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Wedding on the island of Santorini

Wedding on the island of Santorini

Wedding is the Orthodox sacrament of the birth of a new family, and every couple wants to make their wedding day special. One of the most amazing places for this sacred celebration is the island of Santorini. A ceremony in an ancient temple and a unique natural complex of the island will make your wedding unforgettable.

It is believed that a foreign wedding requires huge expenses and a lot of preparation, but it is not: the wedding prices on Santorini from the agency JuliaVeselova almost repeat the cost of similar ceremonies in Russia; The wedding price is 1,200 euros.

The price includes:

  • Applying for a wedding in the Church
  • Booking time and date of the wedding in the Church of Santorini
  • Services of Russian-speaking wedding planner (consultation the day before the wedding and presence at the wedding ceremony)
  • Taxes for the wedding and for obtaining a wedding certificate
  • Wedding certificate of marriage in Santorini
  • Booking​ the Church
  • Help with all the necessary papers
  • Bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere (standard bouquet, seasonal flowers)
  • Basket with rose petals and rice for sprinkling the newlyweds after the ceremony
  • 2 Greek crowns for wedding
  • Wine (Vinsanto or Nama)
  • A glass and decanter for wine (with a tray)
  • 2 candles decorated with flowers
  • 2 large decorated lanterns
  • 6 small decorated lanterns
  • Information support and assistance of the Russian speaking coordinator during your stay in the island

At the same time you get the opportunity to see the world, relax and spend your honeymoon on a beautiful island at the same time.

What you need to know before broadcasting

However, the wedding on Santorini requires additional training from the newlyweds themselves.

You must choose a church or temple for the wedding, as well as the date and time. A popular month for weddings on the island is September, a time when the velvet season replaces the summer heat;

A church wedding in Greece equates to a general civil marriage registration and requires a package of documents and permission from the Metropolitan Athenian. The request for it is submitted through the Greek consulate;

To prepare for the wedding ceremony itself, the couple should arrive on the island at least three days before the scheduled date. This time is necessary to prepare documents and to meet with the “father” – the representative of the Greek Orthodox Church, conducting the ceremony. The ordinance must be company of at least one witness, who may be a representative of the agency.

The rite itself takes from forty-five minutes to one hour. In the the quiet and solemn atmosphere of the “father” reads due prayers, connecting hearts of lovers. The church is filled with burning candles, the witness holds over the heads of the newlyweds traditional symbolic hoops “stephanes” and serves Rings. The wedding certificate is ready the next day and requires sending to the Syros Island for apostyle. After that, it receives official status evidence and is ready to be translated into Russian.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds go to the walk-photo session on the most beautiful places of the volcanic island. Wedding Santorini will make your wedding truly unforgettable: a little Greek the island rises above the ocean by a bright citadel of white walls and blue roofs, transporting you to a fairy tale filled with warmth, greenery and salty sea wind.

Marriages are made in heaven, and on Santorini!

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