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About me

Are you dreaming
about an ideal wedding?
Let’s get acquainted then.

I’ m Julia Veselova, a wedding planner and the founder of the agency “JuliaVeselova”. More than 4 years I’ve been helping my clients to arrange wedding ceremonies in Santorini island, Greece.

Santorini is called and described as a “Mysterious, mirracable, romantic place, filled with ancient myths, the lost city of Atlantis” or Pompeii of Aegean sea”. And l can safely say it’s true!
My discovery of the island began while I was planning my own wedding and it grew over into a strong feeling of attachment, so I decided to tie my life and future career with this place.

I would like to invite you to Santorini Island, where in whirlpool of dayly routine I’ll present you an unforgettable event of love, romance and brilliant sensations.

The years of planning assured me, that the ideal wedding skillfully creates and combines of numerous important details, which are based on trust and mutual understanding between the planner and the couple.

The happy faces of lovers – the best valuation of my work.

We are trying to fulfill the most wildest of your dreams.

The quality of the ceremony is primal for us, so our team of professionals guarantees the highest level of organizations.

We work only on your Wedding that allows us to focus on a creative and organizational process at 100%.

You couldn’t find any negative review about us.

As I was a bride myself, I can offer you lots of ideas, draw your attention to details which create and piece the image of a wedding ceremony together.

Each member of my team is a professional.

It’s important for me not only become your Wedding planner but also trustee and your friend.

In addition to the main organizational issues, I will gladly offer you a list of exciting places to visit, variants for the best restaurants and hotels. I’ll share with you the most optimal routes of flights and transfers, organize leisure-time activities for your guests.

The Wedding planning is an essential part of my life, my passion and my favourite creation!

I’ll do my best to make Santorini island remain in your memory forever as the place where you’ll have been over the moon with your soulmate.

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